A MacBook running Bubblemon in the Dock, in the Touch Bar and in the Menu Bar

Bubblemon shows your system's load in various ways, all in one useful and decorative animation.


Animated Bubblemon screen recording, showing off what it looks like for real

The water level indicates how much RAM is in use. In the example to the left here, about 75% of the memory has been taken.

The amount of bubbles reflect the CPU load. In this example, there are bubbles in the middle only. That means that only one core is working. If all cores were working, there would be bubbles across the whole width.

A reed-like graph shows IO load. The example here has periodic bursts of IO, shown by reed growing and then disappearing.

Fog means your battery is running low.

The color of the liquid indicates how much swap space is used, between blue (none, as in this example) and red (all).


Paste the following command into a Terminal, all on one line, then press RETURN:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/walles/bubblemon/master/osx/install.sh | bash


Check out the source code (pun intended).

Or the instructions for developing on macOS.